Digital Marketing Textbooks for Professionals

Digital Marketing Curriculum Designed by Industry Professionals

Photo: Markus Spiske

Digital Marketing textbooks for professionals need to be up-to-date and relevant. Future digital marketing professionals are flocking to your classrooms. They’re expecting current content to prepare them for the ever-changing digital marketing industry, but most graduates don’t have the necessary knowledge once they enter the workplace to be successful. This is because traditional digital marketing textbooks for professionals are not up-to-date with the skills employers are seeking.

Your instructors try to compensate for this deficit by looking for external resources to supplement the class material, while at the same time trying to captivate and hold the students’ attention. The teachers’ valuable time could be put to better use if there were better textbooks out there.

There is an easier way to meet the needs of your students while saving your instructors time. Mujo presents a new kind of digital marketing curriculum: a series of books designed for college administrators, teachers, professionals, and students by industry professionals that evolve along with the fast-paced world of digital marketing.

If you are looking for Internet marketing curriculum, social media curriculum, and more related, consistently updated educational content, contact us at Mujo. Find the digital marketing content you are seeking for your college, university, or post-secondary institution.

The Mujo Difference

Mujo’s curriculum stands out in a sea of dull, college marketing textbooks because it is:

  • Presented in a series of books that provide regularly updated information, industry data, and more about what is happening in the fast-paced digital marketing world
  • Created by leading digital marketing professionals at an established Vancouver agency with 20 years of experience in online marketing
  • Edited by a certified teacher who has co-authored more than a dozen textbooks for mature students on a variety of topics
  • Communicative and interactive, with activities and case studies that will engage students
  • Digital and contains videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, and much more

Gone are the days of buying large, bulky textbooks with long sections of irrelevant information. Select the curriculum that meets your course objectives and your students’ needs in an easy-to-use book format.

How Your Institution Can Benefit from Mujo’s Digital Marketing Textbooks for Professionals

Both instructors and students will reap the rewards of teaching and learning the Mujo way.

For instructors, Mujo offers:

  • Lesson planning aids
  • Activity suggestions and extensions
  • Comprehensive teacher’s notes
  • Tests and answer keys
  • Resource lists

For students, Mujo provides:

  • Current, relevant, and job-ready information in its social media curriculum and Internet marketing curriculum
  • Practical activities that involve the use of valuable online resources and software
  • Guidance regarding careers in the digital marketing industry
  • An engaging, interactive, eBook they can take with them wherever they go
  • An environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional, often rarely used textbook

Mujo’s digital marketing textbooks for professionals gives teachers and students the resources and tools for a fruitful classroom learning experience.